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I am a Cape Town Biokineticist that is based in Wembley Square in Gardens.

If you are new to the concept of Biokinetics the short and sweet version is that Biokineticists are exercise specialists. We sell exercise. It is obviously a bit more complicated. But essentially Biokineticists are medical professionals that will assess a patient’s needs and then prescribe exercises accordingly.

Feel free to browse my Biokinetics webpage and send me a message on the contact section if you would like me to contact you to arrange our first meeting.

Keep well. Keep exercising.


Neil Hopkins Biokineticist and Associates
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South Africa

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Treating the patient

If you are injured and want to use exercise as a modality it is important that you realise that the exercise does not treat pain. Exercise may alleviate discomfort and improve functional ability.  But it does not treat the pain directly. Likewise, when you seek the advice of a Biokineticist or exercise specialist they should not have the goal of trying to treat your pain. They need to treat you. The patient. Not the pain. In the process of the exercise journey the pain may diminish. This is more often than not due to the exercises addressing the causative factors rather than just the symptoms/consequences of your particular injury.

Should I see a Biokineticist?

In terms of a treatment timeline you can see the Biokineticist for an initial consultation and programme and then decide on weekly training based on the nature/severity of your injury/illness, as well as your compliance to exercise rehabilitation. It may be necessary to see the Biokineticist more frequently in the early stages of rehabilitation and then slowly wean off into independence. Please note that it is not implicit that you see the Biokineticist weekly. You can visit them sporadically provided that you are compliant with your exercise rehabilitation programme.

Biokinetics and Surfing

The nature of high performance surfing has changed. Elite surfers are now considered to be highly conditioned athletes rather than seasoned “beach bums”. The advent of the athletic surfer has resulted in a number of changes. There is now a lot more consideration into the planning and conditioning as a surfer. It is no longer adequate just to surf. Diet, Psychology, and Exercise conditioning all have to be factored into a carefully structured routine. A surfer’s performance can be vastly improved if a holistic approach to elite surfing is considered. A Biokineticist can offer specialist advice and high performance periodization programmes for elite surfers. Individual or group training sessions can also be arranged (in a gym or on the beach) following an initial consultation.

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