Welcome to my page. I am a passionate Biokineticist that is based in Cape Town.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be involved with health care and helping others. Throughout school I was involved with injury management at the side of the rugby field and completed numerous first aid courses. After the helping-healthcare-bug had bitten I naturally gravitated to sport science and ultimately Biokinetics. I now manage my own private Biokinetics practice in Gardens, based in the Wembley Square Virgin Active.

I am fortunate enough to have a great team of Biokineticists and other medical professionals in my network. I love what I do and would gladly share my passion with you. If you need to see a Biokineticist and want customised exercise programming I am happy to assist. Each client is unique and I pride myself on providing bespoke exercise rehabilitation.

Feel free to browse my webpage and send me a message on the contact section if you would like me to contact you to arrange our first meeting.

Keep well. Keep exercising.


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Biokinetics and Surfing

The nature of high performance surfing has changed. Elite surfers are now considered to be highly conditioned athletes rather than seasoned “beach bums”. The advent of the athletic surfer has resulted in a number of changes. There is now a lot more consideration into the planning and conditioning as a surfer. It is no longer adequate just to surf. Diet, Psychology, and Exercise conditioning all have to be factored into a carefully structured routine. A surfer’s performance can be vastly improved if a holistic approach to elite surfing is considered. A Biokineticist can offer specialist advice and high performance periodization programmes for elite surfers. Individual or group training sessions can also be arranged (in a gym or on the beach) following an initial consultation.

Prosthetics and Biokinetics

Advanced gait retraining and high performance prosthetic training is important if you want to take full advantage of your prosthesis. Irrespective of the level of amputation or the type of prosthesis, you will benefit from seeing a Physiotherapist / Biokineticist, in conjunction with your Prosthetist, for exercise and gait retraining post-prosthetic fitting. If you want to run, jump, live an active outdoor lifestyle then seeing a Physiotherapist / Biokineticist that has trained to understand prosthetic components is highly recommended.

Biokinetics for joint replacement surgery

Biokinetics plays an important role pre- and post-surgery. Your surgeon might refer you to a Biokineticist prior to surgery to improve your physical capacity (which improves surgical outcome and minimises surgical risk) or post-surgery once you have reached a certain level of function / completed your physiotherapy. Therefore a Biokineticist forms part of the medical team that can help guide you through the joint replacement journey.

Ask your Surgeon or Physiotherapist if they feel that you may benefit from seeing an exercise specialist like a Biokineticist. Otherwise contact your local Biokineticist directly to discuss your case history. If you are not a suitable candidate the Biokineticist will refer you back to your Surgeon / Physiotherapist for more information / treatment.

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