What can a Biokineticist do for you…

There are 4 broad categories of scope for Biokinetics.

1) Orthopaedics (injury rehabilitation).
2) Chronic disease (risk reduction and reversal).
3) High performance (athlete conditioning and testing).
4) Corporate wellness and health promotion.

Most Biokineticists will have an undergraduate background in sport science / exercise science. The undergraduate course description varies from University to University.  The courses may have different course titles and codes but they all have the common thread of exercise and exercise specialisation. The post-graduate Biokinetics course refines the knowledge and experience from the under-graduate programme, and adds in specialist skills. By the time they graduate, Biokineticists are specialists in exercise testing and prescription. They are qualified to test your fitness and health, and give you advice on how exercise can help you.

You can see a Biokineticist for the following:

1) Preventing and treating orthopaedic conditions
2) Preventing and treating chronic diseases and conditions
3) Exercise testing and exercise testing for athletes
4) Promoting general health