Exercises for surfing

Biokinetics and Surfing

Surf conditioning:

In the past couple of years surfing has become more and more popular. Especially with people who previously would not normally have ventured out into the water. This is partly due to the advances in surfboard design. But also thanks to the current holistic approach to health and wellness, which surfing offers. There is a wide range of surfers now from the pro-surfer to the social surfer. And they are all jockeying for a spot in the line up.

Surfing itself is great fitness, as it conditions the entire body. A surf session will not only give you a cardiovascular work out, but a strength conditioning and core training session as well. It is an antidote to the modern way of life. The working adult spends far too much time sitting and stressing. Surfing offers the opposite. It promotes back extension to counteract the detrimental affects of sitting. And it is in an environment where you can switch off and relax without stressing about your worldly woes.

It may take some time to master surfing if you are a complete novice, but practice and additional exercise conditioning can help. Strengthening your upper body will help with paddling strength and technique. While conditioning your lower body will improve leg strength and agility.

A Biokineticist or Personal Trainer can help get you fit for surfing by designing an appropriate strength and conditioning programme. An exercise programme for surfing will normally consist of: Strengthening the back extensors, shoulders and legs; Core stability; Flexibility; and Plyometrics for pop-ups, turns and explosive airs. A Biokineticist can either design a strength and conditioning programme for your surfing or refer you to a surf conditioning coach who can.

High performance surf conditioning:

The nature of high performance surfing has changed. Elite surfers are now considered to be highly conditioned athletes rather than seasoned “beach bums”. The advent of the athletic surfer has resulted in a number of changes. There is now a lot more consideration into the planning and conditioning as a surfer. It is no longer adequate just to surf. Diet, Psychology, and Exercise conditioning all have to be factored into a carefully structured routine. A surfer’s performance can be vastly improved if a holistic approach to elite surfing is considered. A Biokineticist can offer specialist advice and high performance periodization programmes for elite surfers. Individual or group training sessions can also be arranged (in a gym or on the beach) following an initial consultation.